Who needs enemies when you have children!?

Who needs enemies when you have children!?

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What are my plans for evening, you ask? I’m going to get the baby down around 8, spend the next half hour cuddling and watching a movie with my little man before tucking him into bed, quickly clean the last few dinner dishes, then jump into bed and read a book with the window open and cool sea breeze blowing in (maybe even enjoy a cup of decaf coffee with it)…ah, bliss!

That was MY plan. Here is what really happened…

Kasey went to a rugby game (as planned and with my blessing). Genesis went to bed on schedule, but Judah wanted nothing to do with cuddling–he was much too busy “jumping”. So I decided to finish the dishes then tuck Judah in and enjoy a few quiet moments with my favorite toddler (When. Will. I. Ever. Learn.).

Judah comes into the kitchen while I am washing dishes and asks for fruit snacks. I tell him no because he has already had one today. He responds that it is for the baby. I explain the baby is asleep and can’t have fruit snacks. “I go check” was his reply. (I’m sure you can guess what happens next). Before I could stop him, he was in the baby’s room, rubbing her head and asking if she wanted a fruit snack. Grrrrrr…

Needless to say, I spent the next 45 minutes trying to put Genesis back down– trying to convince her it is night time and that was not just a really good nap! Somewhere in between one of Genesis’ crying spells– I get Judah to his bed (now way past his bedtime) and let him watch one show on his tablet.

Finally, Genesis falls back to sleep (and Judah is almost asleep while watching his show), BUT then Kasey comes back from the game. Judah jumps out of bed “I need my daddy” was the only thing he knew would allow him to stay up.

So…we spent the next bit talking with daddy and are just now getting to bed (two hours later than planned.) No book, no coffee (I did try, but it was accidentally spilled while “jumping”), no cuddles.

Oh! and I accidentally flushed a nail brush (my only nail brush) down the toilet…


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April 1, 2013 at 4:11 am

I think over time, I stopped planning and just started getting up every morning wait for the first, then second, then third event that would govern the order of days activities.

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