Happy Birthday, Judah!

Happy Birthday, Judah!

Five things you should know about this amazing five-year-old:

1. He wants to replace the letters in his name with T-O-N-Y S-T-A-R-K (or Ironman, whichever is available)…and because Judah (in the Bible) was a mean brother to Jospeh

2. He asks the name of every car guard and beggar because he understands that people matter to God, and learning their names is a way to show it.

3. Loves to sing Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons”

4. Sunday is his favorite day of the week! It means church! And church means a lekker play date with his cousins! “Super Heroes Unite!” (And occasionally a villain)

5. Takes excellent care of “Gen’sen Grace”. They are thoughtful playmates and love to sit and watch movies together–and if the movie gets too intense– he’ll even offer to hold her hand.


6. He can totally SMASH a donut and he LOVES art!

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