Starting 2014

Starting 2014

It has been a quiet start to the new year (except for the round of fog horns ringing at midnight). We went to bed at the usual time–which anyone with young children can appreciate. NYD we spent with some new and dear friends from the U.S. that purchased a B&B close by (here). Brent and Jennifer Dorr are wonderful hosts and are operating a beautiful B&B. We swam in their pool (January 1– only in SA!) and was treated to taco salad (seasoning was brought over by Jen’s mom). Judah cried all the way home “Why did we have to leave their pool?”…

Aunt Nene took both kiddos to McD’s for a special lunch date and ice cream. The kiddos impressed all the employees with their good manners and sense of humor. (proud mamma!)

Kasey and I enjoyed a nice date on Friday and discovered some new beaches in Sardinia Bay. We will definitely be going back to the beach and to try a restaurant called “Sacramento”.

Some days it’s easy to forget we are so far removed from home… And then a giant gecko comes stalking you in your room! Okay, maybe not “giant”, but I think I should be allowed some grace based on its proximity to the place I sleep. Kasey, as usual, came to my rescue and caught (then released) the poor lizard. However, it decided to make a reappearance the next night in our living room and the outcome wasn’t nearly as favorable…for the lizard (RIP). I really do feel a little guilty…

After that we had a few quiet days at the house followed by a wonderful Sunday and met three new families!







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